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What is oral hygiene?

Oral Hygiene is dedicated to plaque and tartar removal, stain removal, root straightening, tooth polishing, application of fissure sealants, application of desensitizers, application and removal of periodontal dressings, and oral health education. Essential procedures for your usual dental care.

More than simple teeth cleaning, proper oral hygiene prevents bacteria from entering the body, contributing to the overall health of the patient.

Dr. Eduardo Bastos was the special guest on the RTP Program "Diga Doutor" (Tell me Doctor) with family doctor Dr. João Ramos, and explains how to maintain good oral health and how often we should go to the dentist.

What is done in an Oral Hygiene Consultation?

Maintenance of Dental Treatments

Regular visits to Oral Hygiene appointments are critical to maintaining oral health and integrity of MINT treatments. During the consultation, implants, crowns, bridges or fixed prostheses on teeth or implants, as well as restorations, dental appliances and devitalizations are evaluated in order to early diagnose any complications.

All preventive and therapeutic procedures performed during these consultations and effective hygiene at home contribute to the longevity of these treatments.

Scaling and Root Planining

The treatment that consists in the removal of dental plaque and tartar from the dental surfaces through the use of an ultrasound device, aiming to eliminate the factors responsible for most gum and dental problems.

Fluoride Treatment

A procedure used to prevent tooth decay and to reduce tooth sensitivity, in which a high fluoride gel is applied to the tooth surfaces. This chemical compound acts on tooth enamel remineralizing it and strengthening its structure.

Dental Sealants

Caries prevention treatment, in which a fluid resin is applied to the chewing surfaces of the teeth, which hardens after light curing (incidence of a blue led light), forming a smoother and easier to clean surface.

Importance of Oral Hygiene:
Why should I go to the dentist regularly?

1. To prevent gum disease

The main gum disease is infection of the tissues surrounding your teeth and is a major cause of bone loss if left untreated. Regular Oral Hygiene appointments and good oral hygiene at home are key to preventing gum disease.

2. To have a healthy smile

A beautiful smile makes the person more confident and satisfied with their image. When this happens your social life improves and opens the door to new opportunities in your working life. Regular Oral Hygiene appointments and the customization our hygienist makes to your needs will help you improve and maintain your healthy smile.

3. Track Your Evolution of Oral Health

Regular dental clinic visits will help your oral hygienist monitor your oral health and compare your progress with previous appointments. At these visits your hygienist will closely examine your teeth and gums and it is well known that all problems when detected early are much easier and less expensive to treat and have a better prognosis. In these cases, if necessary, the hygienist refers the patient to the dentistry specialty in the clinic that best suits the treatment of the detected problem.

4. Maintain Good Health

Several studies reveal that there is a correlation between poor oral health and chronic inflammatory diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke. Regular Oral Hygiene appointments will help keep your teeth and gums healthy and have a positive impact on healthier control of these diseases.


Oral Hygiene Appointment: Dental Clinic in Lisbon

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