Mulher mostrando Aftas na Boca

Mouth Ulcers: Origins, Causes, How to prevent and treat

Neste artigo irá encontrar:What is a Mouth Ulcer?The Phases of the Mouth Ulcer:Mouth Ulcers: CausesAphthous Ulcers: Treatment and DurationHow long does a mouth ulcer last?How to […]
Doença Periodontal: Causas e Sintomas

Periodontal Disease: Causes and Symptoms

Neste artigo irá encontrar:Causes of Periodontal Disease:1. SMOKING2. GENETICS3. PREGRANCY AND PUBERTY4. STRESS5. MEDICINES6. BRUXISM ( TEETH GRINDING)7. DIABETES8. POOR NUTRITIONWhen do you have to go […]
Resultado do Branqueamento Dentário em Lisboa na Clínica Mint Lisboa

Tooth Whitening: One Step From Having a Perfect Smile!

Neste artigo irá encontrar:Learn all about Tooth Whitening:In a nutshell, what is tooth whitening?I decided to do the teeth whitening to brighten my teeth. And now?How […]
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